Kelly Price, the Daughter of the late Rev. Joseph Price and Evangelist Claudia Price is the 2nd of three children born and raised in Queens, NY. Under the watchful eye of her mother and the pastorate of her grandparents Bishop Jerome and Evangelist Joni Norman Kelly was nurtured and developed spiritually by being taught the word of God and the importance of a sustained prayer life through the special prayer services her grandfather held weekly in addition to Sunday services and bible study. It was there at an early age in Full Gospel Mission COGIC that the many gifts deeply rooted inside of her were watered and began to grow. It was there that her inner senses were awakened to the very real existence of God as more than just a higher power or an answer to the question "how did we all get here?"


At an early age Kelly's musical talents began to dominate her life. While most babies have to be taken from the crib and calmed from crying in the middle of the night, Ms Price's mother has been noted telling of the times when the entire house would be awakened at the sound of a young Kelly singing out in her crib while the rest of the family tried to sleep. As a young child Kelly knew that music was more than just something that happened on the radio, in church, or even during the commercials on TV. For her it was a part of life that quickly became a necessity for life. She became emotionally dependant on the music inside of her and quickly learned how to use the music as an outlet to express what she was feeling even when she couldn't speak about it. One day after experiencing deep sadness from a book she read for a black history project in school, Kelly wrote a song to express her unexplainable emotions. This was her first song. She was 7 years old.


Kelly sang on her first recording before the age of 10 and by the time she was 18 Kelly was recording and touring the world with multi-platinum pop diva Mariah Carey. Always a quick study, Kelly watched and learned the intricacies of studio and production work and soon after began to expand into areas other than just background singing. It is these early years of her professional career that Kelly refers to as her formal education. While her classmates attended college to prepare for their careers she went to work everyday and studied with the entertainment industry's best to prepare for what would soon be her own amazing career. During these years and beyond Kelly has shared her multiple musical gifts with many artists and reached the number one spot on billboard several times before anyone even knew what the girl behind the voice and the pen looked like. Throughout her career Kelly has sung for, recorded with, toured with, wrote songs for, arranged and produced music for George Michael, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Brian McKnight, LL Cool J, Ben Tankard, Mary J Blige, Puff Daddy, Brandy, The LOX, Donnie McClurkin, The Williams Brothers, Faith Evans, Karen Clarke-Sheard, Yolanda Adams, MASE, Whitney Houston, Mary Mary, The Notorious B.I.G, Richard Smallwood, R. Kelly, Eric Clapton, Wynona Judd, Gerald Levert, Angela Winbush, The Isley Bros and the legendary Ronald Isley just to name a few. Though many record labels initially pursued Kelly as a recording artist it was her connection with Isley and his relentless persistence that convinced her to begin to use her musical talents for herself resulting in a formal alliance between Isley and Price that birthed her solo career with the album Soul of A Woman in 1998 that featured the #1 smash women's anthem of the year "Friend of Mine", penned by Ms Kelly Price. She would follow with the platinum success of Mirror Mirror in 2000, One Family: A Christmas Album in 2002 and the critically acclaimed Priceless in 2003.



Out of the box Ms Price was a trendsetter and broke records by reaching Billboard's top spot twice with the same song and having achieved that initial # 1 victory with no music video at television. This had never been done by any artist since the format of music videos became the major marketing method by which record companies promote and sell music. This was a sweet victory for her after being told by many music and marketing executives that she was talented and beautiful but " no one wants to look at a fat girl no matter how good she sounds", or "no one would buy a record from a fat girl"! Kelly reminded the world that big was beautiful. Kelly also helped to usher in the rebirth of the Gospel sound in mainstream and R&B markets making the sound of a full voice acceptable among younger artists again.


Millions of albums later this award winning, Grammy nominated, singer, songwriter, producer, actress and now author has only shown the beginning of who the world will come to know Kelly Price to be. With a new year comes new dimensions and depths of life. Now with her newly formed label EcclectiSounds Records, new author Kelly expands her reach again through her first gospel LP entitled This Is Who I Am and the first installment of her new book series entitled Inscriptions of My Heart both slated for release later this year.


Kelly's life desire is to see people all over the world come into true freedom by understanding who they are, why they were created and how to press through anything that comes their way to make sure they fulfill their divine destinies.


It is her firm belief that this must be done by any means necessary. So it is with truly understanding her life's call that Kelly continues to create universal music with messages and now authoring books that this married mother of two journeys to aid all who find themselves "under the sound of her voice".