First of all, let me say that I love how you communicate with us! Knowing how busy your life is, it's so special to us all that you still find the time to chat!
This is a topic very close to my heart. I've always been a full-figured women. I am so with you Sis, and it's so refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one who has a problem with a person who has never had a
weight problem tell me what I need to be doing to lose weight! I've been married now for over 22 years and the other day I was talking to a woman that just celebrated 25 years of marriage. She was telling how her and her husband haven't argued in 20 years. Kelly, once she made that statement to me, she lost me in the conversation. Because I
realized that I couldn't talk to her! I need to talk to someone that can relate to me! Twenty years or sixty years, we still encounter a windy storm sometime!LOL Same goes for the truth about weight loss. I don't want no 120lbs person that been 120lbs all their life giving me any instructions on what I need to do! I want to connect with other people who struggled like me yet have experience some success with dropping excess weight to improve their life! Everyone's success is different. We all have different shapes and curves and not everyone needs to lose 80lbs. Everyone is not going to wear a size 6 dress! But the beginning of it all, Kelly I believe that we need to embrace the beautiful person we are inside. Because what really make a person beautiful is how they feel and think about themselves. And I would like to suggest to anyone that struggles with that should start by accepting Christ in their heart. Because He is the* ONLY ONE* that makes the difference and brings the sweet balance in our lives! And when we truly have Him living there, it becomes a desire to want to present our bodies as living sacrifices. We want to take care of our bodies! We become aware that this is where He dwells. So then, if we need to let go of 25 lbs to live a more healthy life and prevent disease, we will. And it will always be a mark we will press toward. Even if I lose every pound
I need, I will always be in the press to keep it off. So again, I personally believe like you, "Once a battle, always a battle". But once a strategy is set in motion, we will overcome!


Tracy Bush
Somerset, New Jersey




Actually, I have struggled most of my life off and on with my weight going up  & down  . I finally came to the realization and asked the Lord to give me a plan that will work for me,so I can stop copying off of what all of the experts are saying because everything doesn't always work for everybody. The lord gave me a specific eating plan in July this year and since then I have went down just about 40 pounds now. It can get hard,but one thing I find that makes it easier is when you are struggling in that area, find someone that is working towards some of the same weight loss goals and maybe you and that person can help encourage one another along the way. It is not easy,but I am really remembering to enjoy the journey of finding how my body responds to certain foods & liquids as I continue to strive towards my goals. I think an important thing is find what works for you and stick with that if you are getting results from that because everyone has a different body chemistry and everyone doesn't drop weight at the same pace either.






I am so grateful for you because you can really feel everything that I feel.  I am currently between a size 20 and and a 22.  I am very uncomfortable with my weight considering for the majority of my life I was thin.  I am just fed up with those who have never had weight issues telling those of us that do how to loose the weight.  I have tried diets, excercising, I have even fasted and the weight didn't fall.  will I ever be comfortable in my skin, probably but I agree with the fact that a person who has been thin forever can't effectively tell you how to loose weight.  Maybe someone who has actally done and faced the struggles and the ups and the downs and can be sensitive to your struggle.  I am starting to finally loose some weight and it didn't come from being verbally attacked by a personal trainer.  I am just doing it for me.  I will get back to you and let you know when I have reached my ideal weight and how I actually did it.


Much Love

Brenda Taylor




Hello Kelly... Im Darryl in DC... I feel the same way... Im not a lot overweight but I would like to came down like 20-30 lbs.. Its been a struglle but im determined to do it... I like to drink slim fast shakes I did it before and lost a good amount but you know when you get to where u want ,, slowly but surely it get back on and sometime harder to get back off. I don't like to go the gym and exercise, so I walk at home and I work around at my job, sine I work in the mailroom I do a lot of walking... So it can be done , you just got to do it! Have a blessed day... And thanks!


Darryl Ennis




I know that's right Kelly I totally agree with you. These people (trainers) don't understand the problem when they haven't actually been through it. I don't want nobody telling me that its easy to lose when it's really not. I have to do it on my own and when I get ready to do it. I'm with you.





GOOD MORNING KELLY, it is funny because i just went to the doctor yesterday (first time i met this doctor) and i am 5' 3" tall and was 250 lbs. when i was weighed yesterday i hit 240, that was not good enough for her.. like you said slim people cannot understand or even try someone since they have never been there to understand. It is very hard for me since i have to loose this weight because of my health and i can't afford to join anything.  This visit to this doctor got me very depress especially since her only solution is go get gastric bypass surgery. i explain to her then i wil have hanging skin i can't afford cosmetic surgery to correct it and her reply was do you want to be obese and dead or hanging skin and still alive. That really put  a hurtung since i've been depress just because of my weight.


What does she understand and i don't think people that have never had a weight issue should tell you how to look or loose it. so i pray that by the grace of god i loose it. I am so happy that you are one of these people that after loosing so much weight (and you look beautiful no matter what weight)  you still feel for the other people who need to get there.



Neisa Rodriguez



Honestly, I agree that a person who never had to struggle with weight issues should not try and help someone who has. Regardless to the fact that its a bit biased to say so. Me personally, I struggled with weight issues. But the only real help I received was from me and learning what my body can and cannot take. And though its time consuming its worth while. I used to take alot of advice from friends and family members telling me that I needed to exercise more, eat less, see a dietician...all of this before I was even 15!!!

But after a while I learned that drinking lots of water, exercise, plenty of rest and ativities to keep me motivated helped me from a size 18 to an unexplainable size 6! I'm still amazed at how I did it. As far as what foods to consume, I decided to eat alot of fruits and vegetables. I eat chicken, fish, and turkey. I try not to eat alot of red meats and I
stopped eating pork (so much LOL). But there's no guarantee that what worked for me can work for everyone cause everyone is different. So as I've said before, I believe its best to learn yourself and know what works for you. Only you can determine the best solution. There's nothing wrong with keepin up with a doctor for help, but the reality is that there's really but so much they can do or say to get you to feel better about the way you look. Trust me, its been
a long time coming and I feel so much better than I did before. Hopefully, this message will inspire others to pay closer attention to how their bodies function.

Much Luv to Mz. KP,





Kelly. I absolutely agree! I was at work and they had a lady come in to speak to us for motivation and her
name is Zonya Foco. She was going on and on about we all can lose this weight. She was up there all trim.
So later after the meeting I had to go up to her and say your words were very inspirational but it looks like you never had a problem with your weight. She replied and said thank you very much but I have had a struggle with my weight and at one time I was very overweight. How much overweight I do not know. But one thing she said that did helped me lose 40 lbs is that she was going to cure anyone from sweet cravings for good. She said when you wake up in the morning have a full glass of water. Then every four hours after that have a glass of water and some fruit and that would take away your cravings for sweet. I did try that and it did work and I lost 40 lbs. Of course you eat in between.

I did not go to the vending machine at work anymore. I stopped drinking pops. My fruit of choice was grapes as they were easy to eat my desk at work. It worked for a long time but somewhere down the line I found myself slipping back to the vending machine. I think it was because the grapes every day became a little expensive. It is expensive to eat healthy. I think that may be one of the reasons many people choose a burger or happy meal or a more healthy meal because the more unhealthy meal is cheaper and fast to get a hold of. I do plan to go back to that soon but I have to first get motivated to do it again. That is part of my opinion.


Joycelyn Goins




To Kelly and eveyone else out there,
I totally agree with you. There is no way in my opinion that someone who has always been the "perfect size" can tell how to lose weight. They have never been in my shoes. They don't know what it's like to always be the big girl, or they can't relate to me when it comes to having to go from store to store just to find your size. I believe that it is a struggle within. When you make up your mind to lose weight for yourself and at you own pace, then that is when you will be successful. Why starve yourself or cut out the foods that you like to lose weight. It's all about moderation. You can still work out, and have that Twix bar-not 3 or 4 at a time though.
Speaking as a plus size young lady, I have always struggled with my weight. However I do not ever let someone else determine what I should and should not eat. It is up to me when it is all said and done. So while I am on this journey trying to lose weight, I am enjoying life and am not so strict on what I eat, but HOW MUCH I eat.

Thanks everyone!


Little, Sasha Q




I don't think I can actually sit there and take any type of advice from any person who hasn't been in the same situation as I.  I am a big beautiful woman myself.  The difference with me is that I am ok with my weight and who I am.  I look good in everything I wear and I try to eat as healthy as possible.  However if I do decide to go ahead and lose a few pounds I would prefer it to be with someone who has experienced it and actually was successful in losing the weight.  I would just be more comfortable with knowing that if he or she can do it than so can I, but I can't look at it like that from someone who hasn't done it at all and who has probably never had to actually lose weight.  So to answer you question No I couldn't.
Thank you for allowing me to express my opinion.  I am one of your biggest fans.  Have a nice day Kelly.





I hope you get this but to me you have lost a significant amount of weight and you look beautiful. I was not looking for you to be a zero you have hips and legs keep them baby. You look wonderful no matter what anyone says. I myself was 280lbs. I lost alot of weight and went to 170lbs and my mother said I looked like I was on crack when you are built a certain way you need some weight. Don't try to kill yourself run on the treadmill try to stay close to a size 16 and if you go to a size 18 it is fine give yourself the breathing weight. If you see youself going back to where you was then you go to the gym and work it out. Yes it is a struggle but remember if it is not worth working for it is not worth keeping. No I don't want you to look like Star Jones. Look like Kelly make Kelly happy and that is all that matters. I love Kelly if you are 180 or 350lbs I will still go buy your album and support. If people love you the way everyone say they do they will support you. Believe me you have made a mark and none of us can live without you. Be Blessed and stay connected. When I saw yo on the Celebration of Gospel in that black dress I thought you looked sexy to me when you are a black woman you need some weight. As I forestated Be Blessed Stay Connected and anointed and I will always buy two copies of your albums because I always wear them out. LOL

Bernard L. Jones





This is an excellent topic that you have chosen for discussion.  Many of the personal trainers I have met in the past I interviewed them to find out if they have had any struggles.  I ran across one great trainer by the name of Donna.  She worked with me daily she was encouraging and yes she did struggle with weight loss.  She showed pictures of herself at her heavist and was very motivational. Prior to me moving back to my hometown. We did well together.  It was ashame I had to move and ended up picking up twenty pounds because of the lifestyle change.  Miami was a little more fast paced than what I remembered and I did not have time to work out and was under a lot more stress. When I decided to move again.  I found out that the trainer I thought I was coming home to had been killed in a car accident. Since then I have struggled to find a trainer who cared and who had the same drive. It does make a difference.


K Hurst





Hello Mrs. Price,  Let me first start off by saying that i have been a fan of yours long before laid down the tracks for Soul Of  Woman. I have found new understandings for things i'm going through from your words of inspiration. You have not only helped me but also healed a lot of hurt in mine and others lives. For that i would like to thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.  

Now to the purpose why i have written this. I was one of the service men that you took a picture with at the Gramblin and Prairie View game in Dallas, Tx. You took a Photo with me and a young lady after you finished singing the Black National anthem. i had been trying to get a chance to see you for years to no avail. After seeing you do what you do live and in person, no more than 50 ft. from me, I have to say you are the real deal. I have a question and it might be a little impertinent of me to ask you. I was just wondering when your book, But I Just Want To Sing will be coming out. I realized after seeing you that all i really want is to sing.  I had given up on my dream of singing years ago, but now i know that you might for get a dream but it doesn't let you go. Mine just got a hold of me again and i have to say i want it more now than i ever did growing up. Its my only real skill and I've kinda found myself feeling lost lately.

I know that you are a very busy artist, mother, and woman of god. If i dont hear back from you i will understand. If i do,  Please know that i will take everything you say to me to heart. You always speak the truth and your realness is what i feel i connect with most of all.


If you read this thank you for you time,  

Your fan, 




Hey sister,

You are like a mother to me because I look up to you and as you have probally seen in your picture coments on myspace I have commented that you are my idol.

I really hope you get this message because this means a lot to me and i also love all of your songs and every song you sing it just wakes up my heart and soul because it is real singing that comes from your heart every time you sing any song.  

I want to be a singer also but first I want to meet you and talk with you whenever i get the chance to. This maybe sound kind of crazy or weird but maybe not,anyways it sounds weird to me because I am very young...I am 11 and you have been my idol since I was about 3 or 4.

I am so serious about this and even though I'm from Harlem I also represent South Jamaca,Queens your home town..


Love ya,

Zharea S.



hey there kelly my name is melissa baker.i love you,you are like one of my favorite sigers i have your cd.where could i get your clothing from.???is it really really expensive.?????well good talkin to you and can you please write me back thank you.


Soror, you are SO right, rarely can plus sized women find clothes that flatter ALL body types. I would love to see a quality clothing line for plus sized women, that is as reasonably priced as the clothing for smaller body types.
Those who are not plus-sized can't understand what it's like to shop and find that the clothes that are actually plus sized are full of flowers and pleats. Do us all a favor, let's get that clothing line up and running.
Yolanda Walker



Hey Kelly! Thanks for sharing your vision with us your fans, I know that it will come to fruition if you just believe and have the right people by your side. Finding the right outfit that caterers to US Plus Size Divas can be hard at times and we need more stylish clothing that accentuates our hips and curves. Now, I have always admired your clothing and you have always looked great. I would love to see you with a line catering to the plus size diva. I think the sizes should range from a 16-30. I also feel it should in stores such as Lane Bryant, Catherines, or Ashley stewarts. These are just MY thoughts and opinions Kelly.

Be Blessed! Vida



Hello. Guess u're doing great. Got your mail on your intention to start a close line for ladies on the thicker side and I'm saying that's a great idea. I mean everybody cannot be slim or look like those models on the runway. Thicker girls need to look good too and I must admit that it's always hard to get the right size cos almost everything seem to be coming in small sizes. So go girl!!! Do it cos it's a wonderful idea. Much luv. RIWO.



Soror Price,
I would LOVE to see your clothing line in stores.  You represent the fact that thick women can have style and grace.  We do not have to resort to covering ourselves up.  It's okay to show your curves in a tasteful way.  I think you specifically should be the spokesperson because you have such a positive reputation.  You inspire women of all sizes, specifically thick women.  God bless and good luck.
Soror Tamekia D. Young

It's always been highly appreciated when I receive mails from you. And I really want to courage you about the fashion design because being an artist, that's wht I'm dreaming for too. I'll keep you in my prayer and hope that your dream will come through. May the Lord bless you and I wil have some suggestions in the future God willing. Stay blessed.   Yves Malalla.



I would love to see Kelly Price clothing line in stores now because you share the same delima's that us "little more to love ladies" do and your style says "I am woman!!" - just as I would like my style to speak about myself. I also find it ironic that there is so much "cute clothes" in the cheap stores. I, personally, prefer clothing with value so I do not have to worry about going out to buy something new every time I am going somewhere - because I tried to wash the last outfit and it got tangled by the string.

And why KP? WHY NOT?? You are a great inspiration and role model - why not let us "model" kelly??


Keisha Crum




Kelly is beautiful and always looks so put together, yet mantains a look that you could see an every day sister sporting. She is stylish and tasteful and  makes a "big girl" pround to be one.

Lydia Washington



Ms. Kelly i hope u are reading this for real i love u so much i am ur biggest fan u inspire me b/c i sing too. but anyways im on the big side i wear an 18 in pants so i think if u was to bring out ur clothes that would do me some justice its hard looking for clothes my size and for them to be pretty too so i think u should bring out ur clothing line.

Jasheika medley.



I can't wait to see yet another aspect of Kelly Price to come to life!!! I have been a fan of many years now and I must admit that the way you dress is definately fly...I wish you the best of luck with everything and be will come to you!!! 

Shaliese Lambert



This is amazing I'm so proud for you. I speak a blessing toward you for this and the reason I say this is because for years I have had the dream of doing this but I had no idea of where to start nor did I have the means to do it BUT GOD has instilled this dream in you and I pray you take it and rock the Plus size community. For years I had to make my own clothes because when it came to plus size it was never appealing as much so believe me I had to buy up a lot of fabric and make what i thought was appealing and adorable on my size I would get so many compliments and question of where to buy but i had to tell them it didn't come out of a store it came from my kitchen table. Kelly please continue and work hard to accomplish this dream and make a Plus size Lady be heard because between clothes and shoes plus size women are put on the back burner. I await on the email when you say Evette the clothing line is on the way. I thank God in advance and wish nothing but blessings on this LOVELY Idea.







Greetings Kelly,
I would love to see your clothing line, that would really be the bomb. You have so much class and style. I have admired you and your style for years, long before you lost the weight. You really be representing us full figured women properly. I believe your clothing line would indeed give this world a real taste of elegance from the plus side. There is a lot of thick women that want to look good and stylish but cant find the clothes to fit their curves. I myself have to go to 3 to 5 different store just to peace together an outfit. Girl that gets old and I only wear a size 20.
OHHHH not to mention your hair, it is 4real the BOMB! I've had long hair since I was 5 but just recently , girl I cut it off and it looks good. But i was encourage to do that when i saw your cut its just fabulious KP.
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo KELLY DO IT WE NEED YOU!!!!



I would love for your clothing line to come to fruition because I'm also a full-figured woman..  I don't have a large selection of stores to shop in they are very limited.  Lane Bryant is where the majority of my shopping is done.  It would be wonderful to support a woman of color and promote her clothes.  I know its hard to advertise your work because I'm a licensed cosmetologist just beginning and its hard but I know God.



I am a very fashionable 36yr old woman, who loves fly clothing.  My dilemma is my chest area is very full and i can only wear certain things.  I just need clothes that will fit right and look exceptionally good. 

alicia s



I would like to see a clothing line from Kelly Price because of how clothes fit Kelly.  I'm a size 14/16 and have a few troubled spots and would like to see more clothing that hides or accentuates those areas.
Thanks and looking forward to your clothing line.



I would definitely love to see your clothing line. I am all for it and would support it. I would love to see a sports, business and evening apparel line as well.
Keep up the work.
Teresa D. Swain




Hi , kelly price/ am a big woman i love your clothes u where in your old video's. we need people like u. they just make stuff like low riders jeans. for little people. please let me know where to go when u do.



Kelly,   I think having your own clothing line in stores would be AWESOME!  **I would love to see the clothing line for plus size, just because there aren't many in my area which is Kansas City, MO.  Not the urban, hip-hop, fashionable day to night outfits.  I try to dress trendy, but however, am kinda a reserved on something things.  trying to get out of that, because you have to feel comfortable in who you are.  I see your style in magazine, TV, Web and I love it.  As you know others love it also.  What I would like to see with the KELLY PRICE clothing is something that is funky but affordable (Not $500 for a pair of jeans or a dress).  Not everyone can afford the Hollywood, New York, upscale prices. **As far as WHY KELLY PRICE, I would ask you WHY NOT??  You have the desire, commitment, the followers to buy your clothes. Besides that you have GOD on your side, so you  won't fail.  GOD is too good for that to happen. Go for your dreams and let nothing or no one stop you from getting the joy that you will not only give to yourself, but to so many other plus size women.  If you need a someone to model your clothes, I would TRULY LOVE TO DO SO!!  I'm pretty good at it.  
I would love to hear back from you personally.  It would be a great joy to become friends and chat with ya.  I have followed you since you first came out way back in the mid 90's.  Many say you and I favor one another. 

Hi Kelly hope all is well with you and your fam.
I am here battling the flu for the 3rd week now but getting better.
The clothing line for plus sized is something I would love to see because I myself am plus sized and its very hard to find clothing for my shape and size here in the Caribbean, the British Virgin Islands to be exact.  I shop online but when the clohtes come they are totally different to what was seen oon the net or when they come i still have dto go and retouch them by taking them to the seemstress and all they do is make a much out of the clothes.  My mom says that the only reason I love you soooo much is because we are shaped alike. (lol)  The smallest part of me is my waist and its really hard to find jus right stuff to fit me exact.  I have been watchin u and admiring the clothes that you wear but i really didnt know that you were the desinger.  Great job on that!!!  Another problem i am faced with when buying plus sized clothes is that they are soo expensive. I jus recently went on a shoppin spree and bought some clothes and everyoen is upset with me cause they have me shapeless but its the best i can do.  I wear a size 26 in pants and sometimes depends on hwo it runs a 22 or 24 can wor, with my tops i have to wear a 3x because my breasts are soo big, even that is hat to come by so you can try doing some bras too my size is 42 G.  All of this have me tryin my best to loose weight so that i can wear good lookin clothes adn mostly for my health but the two match up right there. 
  Why kelly price?  I think that as a christian you are goin to be conservative and yest still classy.  Its hard to find that n e where.
  Keep up the good work and stay wonderful,
Love Tammy



Girl, go for it. If you dream it, you can atain it. I think that a
clothing line will be great for plus size or thick women. The clothing line
should represent women who wants to look fashionable, but affordable. You
know, there are a large number of women who wear many hats in a household
and limited on budget.



Hey SoRHOr!!!
Well, here's my two cents!  I think that it would be nice to finally see someone make a difference for us "thicker" sista's.  I mean you don't try to be someone or some size that you are not.  Even with your tremendous weight loss, you still accepted your curves and said that "THIS IS WHO I AM! I'm not changing and I want to help other thicker ladies not change as well."  That's what I think......I hope that your dream does come to pass and you can believe that this SGRho SoRHOr will be first in line!!!!
Love you lots Kelly!
Genise R. Theodore 



Congratulations, Kelly!
Good for you - You certainly have many talents, and many women will be blessed through being able to buy clothes that fit them!
Blessings in Christ,



Hello Kelly,  

I would love to see your clothes in stores! Everything you said about finding clothes is true! It is very hard to find nice presentable clothes for the plus size ladies. Somethings that they make for the smaller ladies, they also try to make for the plus size, and we all know that what looks good on somebody else may not look good on you!! Having your new design in the stores will give our beautiful full figured women something to wear casually, or dressy. What I'm stressing is something presentable! Kelly God has blessed you tremendously with your voice, and a talent for designing clothes. Why not be a blessing to someone else by designing your clothes for them to wear. Sometimes the small things to us can mean a big thing to someone else!!!

You be blessed!!!

renee c



I would like to see your clothing in stores because as you said there is not a wide variety for the plus size women to select from. Most of the selection is just like a plain jane type of clothing, as to say that big girls don't like to keep up with the latest fashions and so forth. However, I would like to see Kelly Price's clothing line in stores because I think that it will inspire so many of our black women that you can be more that just a superstar. There are so many minorities that have a dream of being a singer or a rapper, that most of them have forgotten that there is more to the world than that. I think a lot of our black women have given up on their lives and just said whatever. So I think that Kelly Price's clothing line might just inspire that one (hopefully more) woman to say "Hey I can't be a singer maybe I can design the clothes they wear" and get into the industry that way



Hi Ms. Kelly, As a fabulous full figured woman I would absolutely love to see your clothing line in stores now.  Why?  Because you would bring the style to the Detroit suburbs that our women are lacking from the leading plus size stores.  We want fashion with class and great style for business, casual, evening and intimates.  Shoes and accessories would be wonderful as well.  Wherever you begin you have my support.  Thank you in advance for blessing the world with all of your talent.  Keep bringing it!  God Bless!
Mrs. Antionette M. Jones  



Hi Kelly, I hope all is well.  

First of all, I want to commend you on your album This Is Who I Am. It was really uplifting and inspiring and touched my heart and soul. I truly believe it will be a great decision for you to come out with your own clothing line. You are an great Icon to those who are on the heavier side, you have empowered me to exercise my talent, regardless of what my dress size is  and to be all that God created me to be. And yes I would like to see your clothing line in the stores as soon as possible because it would show that God has blessed you with multiple talents.

Thank you and God Bless  

Keisha T



Kelly, this is wonderful! I'm excited.  I have watche you over the years and I have always admired you for your strength and your confidence.  You can relate to all sisters big and small because you have been both and the same confidence you had when you broke into the industry as a plus size SUPER MODEL, you have known with your successful weight loss.  I know your clothing line will be a success!  I have never seen Lane Bryant and frankly their clothes are too expensive.  Bottom line, it's been a long time coming and your styles, and taste in clothing are superb, I would love to be one of your models at the opening fashion show.  Be blessed.
Erin J



think it's a good idea. Plus-size fashion has come a long way but it's still has further to go especially if one is over a size 26. I like the clothes Kelly wears and the hairstyles she rocks.
Most of the places I shop including catalogs are very limited when it comes to style. They want to limit us to big t-shirts, sweat pants, clothes made from material with big flowers on it or some pattern a "grandma" would wear.

Wendy N


Good Morning,                 

I was so ex tactic when I saw this email in my inbox, I almost cried. For years I hoped that Kelly did her own line because on her fashion sense. I loved her outfits from accessories to the shoes. Being I thicker girl I understand the limited selections for the "plussie". It would be great to she her collection come to pass. Iam I 5'10 and 192. KELLY please show the world that the thicker chicks are in and happening..           

Sincerely. N. Lockett


Well, Kelly
With the price of plus clothing, who wouldn't want more selection for their money.   You know the selection is limited when you find a pair jeans and buy 4 of the same color and style.  I'm all ways worried about not finding my size and not finding the right outfit for an event.   Also I purchased your T-shirt in Boston at the Casino Play (Gerald I truly miss you RIP!) I really wish his T-shirts were on sale also.  Well anyway everytime I wear your T-shirt I'm told that I resemble you and if that's so then, I can't wait to model your clothing line.  
Hope this helps and good luck.


I would love to see your line in stores at a reasonable price because I'm petite but plus size and it's so hard to find jeans that fit me because i'm so short and most stores feel like plus size sistas don't want to look our best.

Joyce H



Dear Ms Kelly Price:

I think it would be a good opportunity for you and a blessing also because sometime I have a hard time finding clothing in my size. Now I am giving my clothes that I know that I will not fit any more away to goodwill

I am trying to lose the weight and it hard but with the will of praying and trying to fast I know that I do it I am still waiting  for a new CD I still love your latest gospel CD     

God Bless

sis in Christ




Hey Kelly my name is Shannon and I would love to see you clothing line in stores because for 1 I'm a big woman myself  and sometimes i have trouble finding clothes in other store to fit me or some times they don't even look right on me , And the I also love Kelly Price I wish I could meet you.



Hey Kelly,  

I pretty much feel the same as you do towards nice clothes not being made for plus size women. I recently gained a lot of weight because of problems and it's being hard trying to find the right thing to wear. I'm not the tallest thing, so it's twice as hard to find clothes. Also, it really bothers me when I see plus size women with clothes on that do not fit them properly. I'm looking forward to your clothing line and I certainly hope that it will be sold in stores in Alabama because we are truly left out when it comes to things such as fashion. My prayer is that God bless you with great success with your new endeavor!

Love Always, Autumn

P.S. I sure hope you can do a concert soon near this area!



Blessings to you Kelly Price & Staff,
I love the idea of you having a clothing line for plus sized women. Over the years, I've often wondered where I could purchase fashions such as yours, especially the denim outfit you wore during your Sisters In The Spirit tour in Richmond, a while back.
And to answer your question as to "Why Kelly Price", well, speaking for myself, I've always loved you from back in the day, and can relate to you in so many ways. I would love to support your dream, but I have one request, and that is that you would keep your clothing line affordable. (smile) A few people claim to try to cater to us plus sized women but when I search on line, I find that I can't afford their prices. I know they have to make a profit, but when prices are more reasonable, people tend to buy MORE.
I love you Kelly and pray that God will continue to bless you in all that you say, think, and do in Jesus name.


Yes, I would love to see you come out with your own clothes line.  why  would I like to see a clothes line from you. I like to see women that do not use their size to stop them from looking good.  Us big girls (ha!ha!ha!) like to look good to. I love your style.  If you have the chance to start your own clothing  line don't forget the big big girls thats past a 26w-28w go to a 34w.  Why kelly price some of the big girls are not able to wear Sean John, Baby Phat, FUBU etc, we like to wear name brand things to, at least I do and what better person to wear name brand clothes from non other than Kelly Price.  I love Your spirit and music why not kelly price. Love ya.

Terrolynn D



I want to see your clothing line hit the stores because i am a plus size beautiful women who loves kelly price and i want to see your clothing because i can see how my God is using you and your music has gotten me through some hard times Continue to let God use you love Zipporah



Hey Kelly, maybe you have a big clothing line for men as well, Im tired of Big & Tall and Casual Male....
p.s. are u still looking to hire on an email manager? Id be more than happy to help you, you are such a beautiful woman.....ur hubbies one lucky man! no disrespect!

Mark S



I have followed Kelly Price from being big and talked about to being small and talked about and I would love to see Kelly Price fashions in stores I would buy them....I would love to be a model for the line....Just a thought but maybe. Thank you Kelly Price for finally stepping in a giving great fashion to plus size women.... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!

Danielle R



Hello Kelly,  

Girl, I am so very happy for you and your success.  Will your clothing line be for sisters on the thicker side of things, only? 
Be blessed, Evelyn Gourdine




toni l



Kellllllllllllllllllllllllllllly!  Yes!  I am so happy for you!  What you said in regards to money having nothing to do with selection is interesting.  I noticed that many stars are able to buy clothes from top designers in many varieties from trendy, business, formal, etc.  yet many of the plus size sisters are limited.  I mean to the point that there are only so many Lane Bryants and Ashley Stewarts, and most of us Women of Color, frequent one or the other if not both! ;-)
I would love to see more clothing tailored to women who are of petite/average height.  I am 5'2" and wear heels often.  Petite lengths flood!  LOL!  Additionally, I would like to see the quality of dress pants improved to support a few 'wrinkles and dimples!'  Some pants are so cheap that even when you put a shaper on underneath you still see the lines.  What else....umm interested in shoes?  I would love to be a buyer/shopper/model for you!  WE NEED SHOES THAT ARE FASHIONABLE IN WIDER WIDTHS!  Yes The Avenue has the widths covered but some styles are older for a conservative yet trendy consumer.
Thanks for sharing your vision with us!  I look forward to supporting.   If you would like to check me out I am on myspace and have a webpage!
Love ya lots!



Hello Kelly

My name is Mishekia Freelon and let start off by saying that you are a God Sent. I would love to see The Kelly Price Clothing Line in Stores for plus size women is because I have seen the transformation of God on your life. I've followed you for a while now and let me tell you it has boosted my self esteem, confidence level up to no end. My faith has increased tremendously. Seeing you go from 1 size to another has made my faith increase and say  It Is No Secret What God Can Do What He's Done For Kelly He'll Do For Me.  I Love you Kelly Price just keep on doing it and God Shall Bring it to Pass.




However I am not a plus size woman, but I do believe that there needs to be a quality and cost effective cloths line to help my plus size sisters out. Who may not be able to shop at the other retail stores because of price and size.

trinette f



Good Afternoon Kelly,  

I have been a fan of yours for years. I am now 24 and I have always been plus size. I have always thought you could dress even at her size. I always wished that I could dress as nice, but as you stated there are not many stores for plus size women, and the stores we have sell "Old Women" clothing like all the plus size women are older. PLEASE come out with a clothing line that is affordable for the the plus size women. Do the whole nine yards, clothes, shoes, lingerie, undergarments and etc. I believe you, no I KNOW you understand how hard it is being plus size and wanting to look nice, and in style like eveyone else. I know you know what we need and I know that you can do it!!

Ebony H.


want to see Kelly Price Clothing Line because she is bangin'!  She represents the Kingdom of God with flair and fashion. Ms. Price also keeps it real....what better person to design than Ms. Price!

All the best, Pamela




this has to be one of the most brilliant ideas yet.  I would love to see your clothing line in stores because I as a big girl  have the hardest time finding clothes that actually look like something.  who knows better than a big beautiful black woman how to dress another big beautiful black woman.  I have never seen you in anything that I wouldn't wear myself. I appreciate the passion you have for making us look as beautiful as you.  I bid you God's speed in this endeavor.  I hope you realize that this isn't just your own but God planted this inside of you to do to help boost the self-esteem of other women. 




KP, We need more to choose from as sexy size women.  You wear clothing that is fashionable, and sexy.  Its  hard to find clothing I like for my age that doesn't look cheap.  I look forward to seeing you clothing in stores.  




Thank you Kelly for the opportunity to input.Where can I view your clothing? --
cJc Ministries, Inc
Cathy J Clark



I would love to see Kelly's Line of Clothing in stores.  I too am a full figured woman and I understand the stress of trying fashionable clothing.  I would have to go to designer stores and get the expensive wear but not always is that effortable when you are in between monetary blessings.  I am looking forward to wearing Kelly's Designs.  She does have great taste in clothing. 

Janeen W.


Hey Kelly this is Jasmin Frazier well I would love to see your clothing line blow up in the stores. I also am a plus size female and I would love to see some cute clothes out for us. The smaller females have some cute clothes but I would like to see the plus size females show up and show out with their style that the smaller females want to have that .

thanks and have a blessed day!!!



Hey Soror!
I think it's time for plus sized women to have a line of decent and
divalicious clothes! My sister, please do not hestitate to make your mark on
the fashion world. For too long, we have been overlooked. Big girls deserve
to to be lovely too. I'm sick and tired of having skinny girl stuff made in
plus sizes. Sometimes, what looks good on skinny girls does not look good on
us. We are built differently. We need clothing that is made for us by us!
Then if I do find clothing that I like in my size, it's so overpriced!
Kelly, I think God meant for you to do this. You always look great. Even
when you were bigger, you were chic and sexy too! You can do this! If
nothing else, can you make something for the busty girls?
I sincerly hope you decide to make a clothing line for the thick goddesses
of the world. You will definetly have my support.
Soror Linette Y. Caroselli


i Kelly!

I would love to see your clothing line in stores because it is hard for me as a plus size woman to find something cute to wear!!!! Some of these stores only sell plus size clothes that are dark and BORING! Plus size women or gorgeous and I believe we deserve to wear beautiful clothing too!!!!! Please get the clothing line started!!!!!! :-) And maybe you can have your clothing line sold at stores such as Ashley Stewart and Avenue!!!! God bless you on all your plans!!!  

Love,   Jessica


I am so happy that another beautiful full-figure woman is coming out with another clothing line so that we can continue to step out in style. Please see to it that your clothing line makes it into the state of Petersburg,Virginia or a very near by area. Like always I love you and will continue to support you in your music as well as your other dreams.     Denise


Hi Miss Price, 

I clearly understand. I am a plus size women, and I too have considered making my own clothing, but I only know how to draw. I have several designs I would love to show you, and if you like them you can have them for free! I know you will love them! They're trendy, sexy, and for all ages. Anyway, back to the Kelly Price Clothing Line. I believe you should sell them online on your web site. I live in New Orleans, but I am fortunate to be able to travel just to shop. I love Georgetown in D.C., and I love to shop in Atlanta's malls. I believe that's where you live too, right? My best friend lives there as well. Its much easier to go online and search for plus size clothing and ship them to your doorstep. I shop at torrid, applebottom, lane Bryant, and many more online. Because, we don't have those shops here in New Orleans. I have even emailed Beyonce's line, J.Lo's Justsweet, and Kimora's KLS and encourage them to sale plus sizes. I believe they have a great sense of style but if they don't extend their sizes its bad for business. Honestly, all these women are a donut from being plus size themselves. LOL! I think its a great idea, but sell it online. You already have a web site, so add a link to your clothing line. That way you can reach everyone, including me. Feel free to email me back, I love to talk!



Yes!, Yes!, Yes!, Let GOD do a new thing in you it will prosper.  Just keep it cute just like you wear and as reasonable as possible. 

Tina C



Why do you want to see the Kelly Price clothing line for plus sized women in stores? Why Kelly Price?
First of all I would like to say is that plus size women (such as I) have a hard time with finding clothes that look good on us. Everything I have seen you wearing from the Army outfit to Dresses has always looked good on you.
My waist is small, but I have big legs, hips, and butt that cause a disadvantage when it comes to finding clothes that looks good on me. The clothes you wear are "CLASSY"! They are not slouchy, or hoochie looking. I am so insecure about my legs, and for that reason I wear my dresses, and skirts long. I feel that you actually kept the plus size woman in mind when you started designing your clothing line.

Mashona J




One of the big things that I have a problem with is the lack of selection. There are lots of styles that one may have, but one store or line might now fit all of your needs. Every year around prom or homecoming season I have the most difficult time finding formals for my daughters. The eldest is a freshman in college and the youngest is currently a junior in highschool. They are talk and thick! All of the dresses are for sizes 0-14 it's hard to find sizes above and if you do they look mother of the bride outfits. One store that offers more youthful looks is Torrid but I don't want to have to compromise going into a goth store to make a purchase, when I don't support that....

For myself, I am young and I like to be fashionable!  Being in style is a must!!!! I dress well no matter what I have to alter, mix up and match. The problem is often other celebrities prices are too expensive. Clothing stores many times have a look that is for a mature woman. I like to look nice definitely when I go to church, or work. On the weekends I like to dress it down but keep it hip, fitted jeans (where are the skinny leg jeans for thick women) a cute blouse and some heels and a hot bag! I'm ready to go, only when I look in my closet I have nothing to wear! Oh, I wore that, and I just had that on, or I'm tired of wearing that.... I Love to shop and look Fabulous at all times. 

Another big thing is I don't like looking like a clone. Everybody is wearing what I have on, so I like to look for unique pieces! I like originality and I am not afraid to wear something that I haven't seen a thousand times on others! Hope this answers some of your questions! There is definitely a need, so why not fill it! Make your dreams come true!

We can do all things through Christ wo strengthens us, all though little is provided in the hands of God much can happen! 

True Supporter




Hello Kelly!

I'm so glad you are coming out with this line. When I go to the store, and go in the department for plus size woman. I find that there not much to look at. I feel that designer don't think about us. But I'm so glad that God laid us plus size woman on your Heart. Thank You and May God Keep on Blessing You.

muriel b



veronica s



Hello Kelly, 

This is Kim, and I must say that It was a pleasure to wake up this morning and find this email in my account.  Reading of your desire to sprout your own plus size women's clothing line is exciting news and I'm impressed!  I too am a plus size young woman.  I wear a 16/18 and as you already know its a difficulty finding clothes much less than finding the right clothes.  Just this past Saturday I went with my 23 year young cousin to 3 designer stores downtown Flatbush in Brooklyn, NY.  She was going to a party Saturday evening and wanted to look her best!  I was disappointed to walk into every store because there weren't any sizes for me.  Its not a great feeling to just look at beautiful clothing but to also know you can fit them, and as you can already figure out, I couldn't fit anything in the stores because all of their sizes were 4 to 12.  I've tried the whole loosing weight process numerous times, but nothing works.  SOOO, I'm depending on you Ms. Kelly to design and create the BOMB clothing line for us Plus Size Women!!!!....I love to sew, and have conducted a couple of fashion shows in Melbourne Florida so I would also love to have the pleasure of assisting you with you venture if you wouldn't mind.  Please check out what I can do:

  I'm backing you up 100% because I know that you CAN do it, and you WILL!!!!  



Hi Kelly,
I think that is a great idea to have clothes for us plus size. I love to dress but get depressed after I go shopping and see all the nicer clothes for the small. It is a shame that these store basically eliminate plus size clothes. I am so exicited for you and may GOD continue to BLESS you with your many talents and BLESS you to prosper with more great ideas to help not only you but others who endure the same.
Peace and Blessings be upon you!!!!!!!



Kelly I think that is a great idea why not , represent for the full figure women please. I am on the thicker said not ashamed of my size 30/32- because I am fabulous !!!!!!! Beautifully and Wonderfully Made By God !

Corinne M


I would love to see your clothes in stores at a price that is affordable.  I am a plus size woman and I like to look good but its hard to find clothes.  I just lost a 100 pounds but im still plus size I wear a 24/26 so as  you can see I have come a long way but have a long way to go.  in the process I would like to look good.
Hope to see your clothes in the very near further!!!







Dear Kelly , I was just having this thought this morning after spending a sunday shopping for clothes and finding nothing , not only am i a plus size sista, i am also very much endowed with the GIRLS, so i have a double wammy , lol, i would love to buy Kelly Price clothing at a store near me, also kelly please remember when you launch your line that a lot of women ,  who have a limited clothing expense , but love to look good are also buying your clothes and of course music,  one last note keep up the good work and keep making down to earth music that truly praises the Lord ,,and keeps it real 
sincerly a native Queens ,New yorker no residing in  Georgia ,
Karem L Lakin



Being a thick chick, I know how hard it is to find clothes that compliment your assets and minimizes your flaws and still makes you look good.  I am young and a majority of stores who carry plus clothing looks old and outdated.  I am personally want the wow factor in clothing stuff that is affordable and then makes you look great at the same time.  I feel that you clothing line could bring that wow factor on to the scene for girls like me who have been chucky from birth and want to look good.  Just a suggestion, don't forget about the teens who see what their friends have and want the fashion and can't find it, because when I was that age I wanted that.

keyza g



hello kelly 

I would love to see your clothing line in stores because full figure don't have style of looking young they always fell that full fiqure have to look like we are fat and old looking big flowers to long just old looking even my grandmother rest her soul went to be with lord even she had style at 93years old so please help us look good and make clothes that fit us .

Jannell G



I would absolutely love to see your clothes in the stores! I am a size 18-20 and like you said, it's not the money that's the issue, it's the lack of style/selection. Being that I am a gospel artist my self, i get soooo frustrated trying to find the perfect outfit that will show my gorgeous-ness (lol) and still be modest and polished. The styles that you wear don't take away from the word that's coming forth but it allows the eye to be captivated just enough to say...Girl, did you see what Kelly Price had on, that was bangin'.. Then we try to remake the style as best we can, not to look like you, but it gives us extra-sexy women a look that we may never have thought we'd look good in as well. Let's face it, some of us don't want to be "skinny" and we love the way we look! If we could have your clothing line easily accessible to us you better believe i'll be the 1st on scene!
the SouLyst



Good morning sister, 

How are you doing today. Girl I am with you 100%.  Yes, I a healthy plus size, thick, and sexy and loving it.  But you know I get so made about shopping, seems like everything is made only for the thinner girls like we plus size women don't have it going on. But yes we do.... Thick is it.  I would love to see your clothing line hit the stores all around the world, not just in certain areas.  Like you said money doesn't be the issue, it's the style, how it fits, and what ever works for us. 

I love the clothing line that you wear, it is awesome, really wish you would come to Miami, and spread the love and let show what the thick girls really about.  Show just how classy and sexy we really are.  Love you with the uptmost.  Always your sis. Michelle..



God bless you, Kelly!
I just read your message about starting a clothing line! I'm so excited about that because I love how you dress! I'm 44 years old--about to turn 45 in February, but I hoping to see clothes that I can wear! I hate shopping anymore! When I go looking for something in my size the styles are old, ugly materials and the colors are dull! Just because I'm approaching the 1/2 century mark does not mean that I want to look like it! LOL So, here's what I'm looking for Kelly: We need a clothes lines for business/work, casual and church. I love sparkles, bright, fresh colors and I also love lace, soft and elegant pieces! I love wrap dresses! I love flare skirts! I love Pant suits! I love boots, but never wear them because I have wide feet and thick calves! I like nice materials (linens, silks and etc.) I've noticed that many times I find clothes that fit but are too short. Then when I find something that is long enough for me, it not wide enough for my hips (I'm 5'10)!
I praying that this will manifest, but I also know that prayer is not always enough, so if there is anything that we can do to make this come forth, please keep us posted and let us know what we can do! I believe in you!



I would definitely like to see Kelly Price clothes out there! One reason is because its Kelly Price! Someone that is well respected by me. Two, it would be very great to have nice clothing for us plus size women cause we look better than all women in America because we have curves nice curves........ I am not a fan of many celebs except for God.... I do admire Kelly and she is one my role model.......... Kelly's first book saved my life....... Thank you!!!!!

Karmen S


Kelly, I have been looking eveywhere to buy a copy of your Book "Inscriptions Of My Heart," please let me know how I can purchase a copy of it.  Thank you.  Sheila



Hello there is it also possible to buy the book in the Netherlands(Europe)
Thank you bye bye



Hi Miss Kelly Price
Could you please let me know if your book is available in South Africa?


Hey KP and fam

 all i know is that i was blessed by the realness and the rhema that came from Gods heart thru your obedience of your singing and writing. Can't get specific i just know i was really goin through and my spirit was lifted. GOD BLESS , KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!   I also would need your help promoting my new business.  pass this on  if you would.                                                    




That was the best book I've read & I am still referring back to it. The book confirmed everything that God was telling me. The style of the book delivery was awesome. I thank Jesus for using Kelly in this book!!!!!!!!

Karis Michelle



The book was awesome! after reading it I notice that we share a lot of things in command. I too grew up as "PK", and notice that put a lot of pressure and expectation on me. I've had a dramatic weight lost and look awesome just like you. Last but not least I'm a performer as well. I do entertainment on Cruise ships and have done a few commercials. So, in reading the book I felt as if I could hear you yourself read the very words you wrote. It was awesome. Being on the water away from Church , family, friends, and love ones. I found myself needing to be refilled, and needing to be recharged. Thought you allowing God to fully use you the book did just that. I made time to pick it up any free time I had I was carrying that book around with me. I was able to share it with some of the passengers and that open up doors for me to be able to minister to them. I was even in the bridge of the ship (that's were the drive the boat) lol, sharing the profound lessons I've learned. Ms. Kelly thank you so much for letting God do what he does best, and that is getting the Glory out of our lives! This is not a book you just read once, however you find yourself picking it up and going back over what you read and getting new meaning day to day. To God be the Glory!
Thnak you, Tyrone Fields